It is indeed a great pleasure and privilege to be elected as President of this august institution known as SICA... Read More

We are happy to share that on 22nd April 2017, SICA was honoured with gracious presence of Honourable Member of Parliament of Rajya Sabha Shri. Ela Ganesan and our Honourable Member of Legislative Assembly, Madhya Pradesh Shri Ramesh Mendola.

Annual SICA day was celebrated for two days on 22nd & 23rd April 2017 respectively with Two day carnatic music programme (Flute & Vocal). Both day programmes were well attended by members and enjoyed the event. Also as per practice two dignitaries had been honored on the occasion. Dr. V. Ganesan and Mrs. Jayanthi Ganesan, SICA member honored for their valuable services to our society on 22nd April 2017 and on 23rd April 2017,Shri Suresh Seth, a prominent political leader for his valuable services rendered to the society and specifically to SICA during initial days without whose help SICA would not have grown to this level. SICA managing committee thanks all the members for the Grand success of this event.